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Stay informed about BlockGate

Car Warriors Has Launched!

The mobile game that BlockGate has been working on called Car Warriors has launched officially!   BlockGate has been hard at work developing Car Warriors,  a battle royale car combat
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Void Riders: BlockGate’s Genesis Collection

BlockGate is gearing up to launch its first NFT collection, Void Riders, which is tied to its upcoming mobile battle royale game, Car Warriors. Set in a cyberpunk-themed space colony,
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BlockGate is part of Microsoft and Google’s Startup Hubs

BlockGate is proud to announce that it has joined Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub and Google for Startups. As part of these esteemed communities, BlockGate will be granted free access
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Car Warriors Website Is Now Live!

Car Warriors, the mobile game BlockGate has been working on, has officially launched its website, revealing details of this game-changing project to the public. The website launch marks the culmination
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