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Introducing Car Warriors


BlockGate is currently developing Car Warriors, a blockchain-integrated battle royale game on mobile. The game is set to launch in June 2023.

The company brings a new game model to the mobile game industry with the Car Warriors game it is developing. Car Warriors will be one of the first examples of mobile games in which Free-To-Play, Free-To-Earn and Play-To-Earn game models are present together. Players will be able to win prizes that they can use in-game or bring to the real world by fighting against their opponents in impressive battle cars and challenging maps in two different universes, as well as in two different economic models.

 BlockGate aims to be the pioneer of the next generation of mobile games by breaking the mold and adapting the players to technologies such as blockchain with a new level of thrill and excitement during gameplay.

Car Warriors Has Launched!

The mobile game that BlockGate has been working on called Car Warriors has launched officially!
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