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About US

We Are BlockGate


BlockGate emerged from the vision of creating exciting games where players truly own their assets and acquire them through their own skills. We kicked off our journey in Istanbul in 2022, with the aspiration of creating groundbreaking new technologies in the gaming world.


We are on a quest to craft extraordinary games that will adapt gamers to new technologies such as blockchain with the ultimate goal of giving players a new level of thrill and excitement during gameplay. Our dream is to become trailblazers that develop innovative and unique games that will leave a big impact on the industry.


At the heart of BlockGate is a dedicated team of dreamers and visionaries united by the common goal of designing unparalleled gaming experiences that can be enjoyed by millions of players all around the world. Currently, we are developing Car Warriors, a blockchain integrated battle royale game that will take you on an intergalactic adventure!

We at BlockGate strongly belıeve ın these core values


Our people, our core, our lifeblood. An amazingly talented group of human beings with a passion for making games. Having a killer team that is hyped to work is crucial. We aim to keep our crew motivated and give them opportunities to excel, so they can put their all into creating epic games. 


Our mission is to become pioneers in the industry by developing a unique game model. Each project created by BlockGate will bring something new into play. We are working towards being followed, not being followers.


We build and create everything with the players in mind, taking their feedback and suggestions into consideration. Our roadmap is built around what our player community wants. After all, they are the reason we’re here.